Tomato Planting with Kids

Welcome back!

We made it out of a week of bad colds throughout the family and went right back to gardening 🙂 It’s the season!

Here’s a truly easy way to grow LOTS of great tomatoes: Buy a tomato at the store that looks and smells fantastic (our favorite is the type of heirloom tomato that is dark brownish-red with dark green around the stem), cut a slice out of the middle with as many seeds as possible, and place it in a pot with soil. Top with a bit more soil and wait 🙂

A few days later, the first plants will peek through the soil. About a week after that, you’ll have enough baby plants to share with the neighborhood – which we did, and the kids on our street were happy to get into the gardening business.

Now it’s time to transplant the babies into larger pots, and with water and sunlight, all you have to do it wait until you get to eat ripe tomatoes tasting better than any you can buy.
Btw, I find that growing little tomato plants from live seeds instead of dried seeds gives you plants that are softer (for lack of a better word), i.e. they are more supple, tender, and lighter green in color.

Oh, and our back door light is so well-positioned under the roof that a robin built a nest on top of it. When we peeked in (via cell-phone selfie-camera) about a week ago, Ilian squealed with delight at FOUR BLUE EGGS!! On Mother’s Day, there was one baby bird, and today there are four 🙂

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