Tortilla Hummus Rollups

It's summer! And we are moving into our new house this month 🙂 So for the time being, I will get to post once a week until we are settled - sorry there will be fewer posts, but I promise they will be fun! To start, here's a way to pull off dinner prep in… Continue reading Tortilla Hummus Rollups

BBQ Popcorn

Happy Friday friends! Today I'd like to share the way we make our popcorn - while this is basic, common knowledge around the US, making popcorn at home in Europe usually involves an involved setup: Most people will attempt it only with a special machine, or can't find the kernels at their local grocery store.… Continue reading BBQ Popcorn

Asparagus-Mango Rice

A big Thank You to Slow Farm for starting the U-Pick season so early this year! We had a fantastic experience picking asparagus and eating not just a few shoots fresh on the field 🙂 They were juicy, tender, and mild - the perfect companion to a bold, fresh taste like mango. Which we had… Continue reading Asparagus-Mango Rice

Baba Ganoushadillas

Ilian recently developed a taste for Baba Ganoush (and red pepper hummus), and besides growing about 50 baby eggplant plants to honor this, we have explored ways to incorporate the new food into our meals. Here's one: vegan quesadillas. How? Isn't the main point of quesadillas the queso? Sure, but if you think about it,… Continue reading Baba Ganoushadillas

Red Beet Potato Hash Browns

I couldn't resist peeling the potatoes outside yesterday. It takes a few minutes which are much better spent sitting on the back door steps under the bird nest, watching Ilian balance bike than standing over the sink 🙂 We needed them for our rather unhealthy dinner last night: hash browns! With leftover shredded red beets,… Continue reading Red Beet Potato Hash Browns

GF Zucchini Waffles

Helllooo waffle afficionadas/os! We tried a new aquafaba waffle creation last night and it turned out fabulous. We may need to tweak the recipe a bit, as our waffle iron took twice as long as usual to get dinner ready, but the golden hues over dark green were irresistible 🙂 It took a while to… Continue reading GF Zucchini Waffles

Shredded Butternut Squash Three Sisters

We had a family-cooking session on Sunday, and it was so much fun! Ilian was excited to scoop squash seeds with daddy, all manly-ly over the trashcan 😉 And mommy wondered where all the work went 🙂 This is a cute little variation on the Three Sisters cooking I've done previously, so it's a naturally… Continue reading Shredded Butternut Squash Three Sisters