Tomato Planting with Kids

Welcome back! We made it out of a week of bad colds throughout the family and went right back to gardening 🙂 It's the season! Here's a truly easy way to grow LOTS of great tomatoes: Buy a tomato at the store that looks and smells fantastic (our favorite is the type of heirloom tomato… Continue reading Tomato Planting with Kids

Sunflower Planting for Kids

Thanks to all who liked my Bean Planting for Littles post! It was great to hear you're trying it at home too 🙂 So here's another easy-peasy planting idea, and this one goes back to my childhood: growing sunflowers from birdseed. Most loose birdfood (i.e. not the blocks of suet) has sunflower seeds in it… Continue reading Sunflower Planting for Kids